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Dozens of self-promoting success gurus market their services on the Internet. Some dishonest coaches make outrageous promises that they'll help you create almost instantaneous wealth with practically no effort. If their training isn't flat out illegal, it's at the very least unethical.
If you search hard enough, you can find honest coaches who will offer you principled advice for growing your business. But here's the rub --- the majority of these coaches want "your business" to be "their business." In other words, they'll train you but first they want to recruit you.

Putting the cart before the horse
But this approach is backward. If you aspired to be a medical doctor, you wouldn't start your medical practice FIRST and THEN go to medical school, would you? Of course not! You'd go to school and start your medical practice after you finished school.

Everybody has a "why."
So why do the majority of coaches ask you to join their business opportunity BEFORE they will train you? Because they don't want to invest their time in a person who may not join their opportunity.

Why 95% of network marketers fail
This is precisely why 95% fail and only 5% of network marketers succeed: Because recruiters and coaches are so eager to add another person to their downline that they don't really consider whether the potential recruit has the resources, tools, talent, and training to succeed. So they recruit 100 people to find 5 that will succeed. Gee, I wonder why so many people have a negative opinion of the network marketing industry?!?!

I take a different approach.
I have a different philosophy regarding time management than the recruiters and coaches who are willing to recruit 100 people in order to find 5 people who might succeed in the business. New recruits need mentoring, partnering, encouragement. This all takes TIME. A serious coach will spend 45 to 90 days working arm-in-arm with his/her new recruits.
Why would a wise time manager waste 45 to 90 days of his valuable time working with 95 people who aren't going to make it in this business? It just doesn't make sense to do that. Wouldn't it be smarter to spend a week or two giving potential recruits some free training to see if they have the time, resources and realistic expectations to succeed?

Dead horses don't drink.
My grandma used to say "Jesus raised the dead, but you can't!" Applying a similar philosophy to my business, I believe it's wiser for me to invest a week or two helping you decide if this industry is right for you.
In other words, I'd rather spend two weeks discovering whether you're a horse that has some life left in you than to spend 3 months dragging your dead, stinking carcass to the watering hole in hopes I can "revive" you.

Who am I & why might you want me to coach you?
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Max Grider, creator and owner of the Training System[SM]. With so many choices available to you, why should you consider my training?
You may find this answer odd, but one of the main reasons is because I'll turn down about 70% of the people who ask for my help. So if you qualify for my training, you're already in a select group.
Why else should you consider me?

  • I've built a successful network marketing business, reached executive bonus pay levels, and I want to help you do the same.
  • I've been able to retire from corporate America at an age when most of my peers are just dreaming of retirement.
  • I've recruited people into my business who now earn six figure annual incomes and you can too!
  • I've mentored individuals who've reached the top level in their company's compensation plan and that's what you deserve as well.
  • I've won exotic vacations and mentored others who've won trips to Cancun, Lake Tahoe, Bahamas, and Surf City USA. I want you to enjoy dream vacations too.
  • Some of my most successful associates have been featured in internationally distributed network marketing magazines. You could be next.
  • My best students earn monthly car bonuses and other valuable incentives. Do you deserve any less?
  • I'm an award winning, magna cum laude graduate of a major mid-west university. I want to put my experience, wisdom and knowledge to work for you!
  • My Mastermind group features some of the greatest network marketing minds alive today. You'll gain from their expertise as well as mine.

If it's so easy, why do most people fail?
A mistake many people in the direct marketing industry make is they expect "business results" with "hobby effort." Dear reader, it just doesn't work that way in the real world. If you want to earn serious income, you simply must treat your business like a business!
That's not to say you shouldn't seek ways to leverage your time, resources and efforts. You absolutely must. And that's part of what I intend to train you on.

Do you want the truth or hype?
My training features a highly-principled formula for business success. I'm a "believer" but even if you are not you will gain immeasurable insight by completing the Training System[SM]. Insight that will help you relationally, spiritually, and financially.
So if you're looking for hyperbole, there are plenty of trainers out there waiting to take your money. But if you're looking for solid, proven "how to" training, then let's get to know each other better.

I'm not Moses, but ...
I know I can help you. So why should you, the entrepreneur who is looking for someone to lead you into the network marketing Promised Land, place your confidence in me?

  • I'll provide biblically-centered success principles to grow your business.
  • I'll offer you insights on mistakes I made along the road to success, insights to shorten your learning curve.
  • I'll show you how to find hot prospects without alienating your family and friends.
  • I'll teach you recruiting and sales techniques that will work in any honest networking business.
  • I'll tell you truths about the network marketing industry that you'll never hear from your upline.
  • I'll teach you how to treat your business like a business, not a hobby, even when you are working your business around a full-time job.
  • I'll teach you essential time-management tips that can double your success.
  • I'll offer you top-shelf personal development advice and resources.
  • I'll send you monthly eBooks and articles that will enrich your life and your business.
  • I'll provide you with access to my weekly conference calls.
  • I'll send you weekly encouragement and inspiration via email.
  • I'll link you to wealth-building interviews with some of the most successful people in our industry.
  • I'll deliver insightful monthly training via our "Strategies for Success" ezine.
  • I'll give you access to income-growing technical advice from my favorite IT guy.

You risk nothing.
Still not convinced? Here's the best part: I'll assume 100% of the risk. I'm going to give you 14 days free access to my training so you can do more than "kick the tires." You can actually test drive this Corvette for 2 weeks.
Plus, all the freebies you receive in the first 14 days are yours to keep as my way of saying "thanks" for trying out my Training System[SM].
If you decide you want to continue the program, we'll bill your credit card a ridiculously low monthly fee of only $19.95, cancellable at any time.
Depending on how long you stick with the training and how much effort you put into it, you can walk away with the equivalent skills of an ABA, a BBA, or even a MBA in network marketing.
Heck, the eBooks I'll be giving you each month are worth more than $19.95! Which means that everything else --- the weekly emails, monthly ezine, weekly training conference call, etc. --- is basically free! I only wish someone had offered ME a deal this sweet when I was getting started!
Listen, if you aren't willing to spend $19.95 a month (65 cents a day) to improve your skills, then you're not looking for a business. You're not even looking for a hobby. You're looking for a scam. If you're like most Americans, you spend more than 65 cents every day on junk food, newspapers, breath mints, bottled water.
You could easily spend thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in a traditional educational setting and never receive the valuable training, specifically tailored to you and your business model, that you'll find available to you when you join the Training System[SM].

Here's an incredible free offer for you.
For visiting my site today, I'd like to offer you one of my favorite eBooks, "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing." Talk about controversial. This truth-packed eBook challenges much of the conventional wisdom about how to build a successful network marketing business. It sells on some sites for as much as $29.95. But it's yours free as my way of saying "thanks" for stopping by my web site.

If you're interested in a no obligation, pre-qualification interview, please send your contact information: name, email address, and phone number to We'll have a short, pleasant, hassle-free phone visit; we'll feel each other out, and we'll mutually decide whether you are right for my training and whether my training is right for you.
Thanks again for visiting and best wishes to you.

If you are still wavering on this risk-free offer, then I'm probably not interested in wasting my time on you. But here's one last chance for you to grow some hair on your butt (Ladies, Nair(R) will remove it for you) and improve yourself.
Go to the next page and listen to testimonials from two of my friends and business associates. Perhaps you and I will eventually become friends and business associates. Only time will tell.